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to death. a bank of america intern is found dead. he reportedly pulled three-all-nighters in a row. banks are not only ones pushing employees to the brink. is the pow other of money behind it all? >> "who made money today." they could build a roof of cash as a result of housing recovery. stay tuned to find out who it is. even when they say it's not it is always about money.
. but they learned how to drill sideways, america has much more and cheaper natural gas. this means families pay less to heat their homes. soon america may be self-sufficient in energy. also, if you are worried about global warming, burning natural gas releases less greenhouse gas than oil or coal. >> flack go feels wrong. it feels like you are pumping stuff into mother earth. >> john: a liberal european environmentalist points out that europe promised to cut greenhouse gas emissions but didn't cut them. >> we managed to cut half what you accidentally happened to do when you stumbled on fracking. >> john: so it brings fuel cheaper, maybe better for the world. why are these people so mad? >> they worry about energy companies shoving these chemicae ground. >> this is seen sfraen a documentary called gas lane. >> the documentary gas land. >> they gave it director an emmy and matt damon features greedy energy companies destroying the promised land. >> if it happens to one of us, it could happen to us all of us. >> john: yoko ono started artists against fracking. and so is the left wing media. >> it comes
with everybody else. bank of america got hit last week, citigroup is being looked at obviously we have mention jpmorgan and everything you can think of. iizm think you're going to havo see housg bank stocks will react to these lawsuits which will be sizable in number. melissa: thank you for coming on the show, we appreciate your time. that everybody agrees with the rising rate will not kill the housing recovery. the other side is founder and ceo, welcome to the show. what did you agree with and disagree with what you just heard? >> i disagree with the notion rates will not have an impact on demand. but i agree with the concept that overall housing is going to see a decline both in prices and demand overall. melissa: why do you think that? >> there are several factors at play. if we look at the interest rate factor we first had addressed, the interest rates while looking at it the past 30 years for example there is not a direct coelation with interes rates increases and a drop in demand. however there is a correlation between the affordability of a home, if for ability index, and homes at vari
tonight. ♪ >> and now john stossel. ♪ john: detroit was once the richest city in america. i was three years old and. that was the 1950's. now it's the biggest u.s. city ever to declare bankruptcy. so what happened? our guests tonight have some clues. first, fox news reporter works in detroit and just wrote, detroit, an american autopsy. an autopsy, one examines the dead body and tries to find out what killed him. detroit isn't that exactly. what killed the trust? >> would kill the charge, racial conflict of detroit. slav kill detroit. corruption children. it seems like that is what has become the american way because detroit is not alone. what is baltimore going to do, atlanta, l.a. john: detroit is and worse shape. worse politicians, more unions. the automaker collapsed. it was in the politicians' fault. it was just the big three crashed. >> it was all of them. one industry town. we were rich. we thought it would never end. everybody put their hand in the till from management to politicians to unions. you could punch and your body will he went drinking. we blew it. i know everyone is
decades in the making under way in avian species staking claim to the americas, but creatures that will die rather than in retreat. >> title date we will stop the spread of the afrin bees. >> moving through florida headed for georgia. killer bees now number more than 1 trillion and will soon be headed your way. john: whatht are we going to do? let's ask this man who is on the animal planet show the removal specialists, a mike mollica burg should we be scared of the killer bees? >> i would not be any more afraid than being struck by lightning. john: but they are investing in moving north? >> when they were released from brazil in 1957 they spread at a rate to 300 miles per year. john: and experimental went wrong? >> they were taken from africa and brought to brazil to create a better be to more resistant to the pathogens crteetter honey and it was an accidental release from one of the assistance that allowed these into the of wild where they spread rapidly nooth in six states right now john: there more dangerous because they don't is-- get discouraged and will chase you furthhr
member joins news a fox business exclusive. >>> plus being worked to death. a bank of america intern is found dead. he reportedly pulled three-all-nighters in a row. banks are not only ones pushing employees to the brink. is the pow other ofoney behind it all? >> "who made money today." they could build a roof of cash as a result of housing recovery. stay tuned to find out who it is. even when they say it's not it is always about money. melissa: we are starting off tonight with an exclusive on a company in overdrive. tesla motors is the talk of the town and as the stock speeds higher it is already up an astonishing 336% so far this year. wow, good for them. this week elon musk and investors are flying even higher. tesla's model s just received the best safety rating of any carver. a little earlier i spoke to tesla board member from d.c. giant draper fisher, in a fox business exclusive. so, steve, welcome to the show. very exciting day. the model s just received five stars from the national highway traffic safety administration. by five stars, i mean five in every single category whic
to contain radioactive groundwater. wow. >>> qatar based cable channel al-jazeera america official launched was a few hours ago. the news outlet making a bold promise to deliver real unbiased news. hmmm. given the situation in egypt and ongoing dialogue with aid the channel will be put to the test from the start. with his thoughts so far, media analyst and fox news contributor howard kurtz. great to have you with us, howard. what do you make of the programing here today? >> melissa there certainly was a big buildup. al-jazeera promising unbiased news and in depth and more serious news. from what i've seen, very competent, very brisk, very professional butot much more depth than you would see on a other cable news network. melissa: how do they overcome the baggage that is associated with al-jazeera? you hear the name. you think of al-jazeera in the middle east and the airing of the bin ben tapes after 9/11 and a lotf people thinking that fueled the fire -- bin laden tapes. reporters who have quit saying they're anti-american. how do you start a cnnel in america that is labeled as anti-americ
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this for years a banana republic. i covered latin america 12 years in of my life. they had professionals, that are agitators. they're paid to be good cop or bad cop. they have can cheer like anthony weiner crowds or throw rotten tomatoes. they were doing that. so transparent. outsider could see it but it became standard fare for latin america and mexico, polices like that nicaragua. >> that is surpriseing. >> it is becoming that here. melissa: i think it is surprising to a lost americans that it is going on. i think at love people actually aren't aware of the fact this goes on more than we think. when you watch protests on television or see things in washington -- >> or wisconsin. melissa: yes. have been hired and paid to be there. in this case, they say, people, they were paid to initially be skeptical and they're supposed to ask him various questions. and then they would appear to be convinced by what he was saying, first of all, those are damn good actors for 15 bucks an hour convinced i want want any weiner -- >> he had to do something, he had to get someone to galvanize senatorrers.
trust america anymore. we have threatened and threatened, they are like we would do this if it was worthwhile and we knew this would bring an end to it, but just a little bit as "wall street journal" calls it a pinprick will unleash if you think it has been bad so far, they will stop at nothing. this will not be a shot across the bow, and intentional miss. if they knew it would be a final blow, they probably would have been on. it is not something we want to put their lives on the risk for. melissa: is that something we are likely to see here? >> unfortunately that is what it looks like we are shaping up to do. you have an equally small set of the population aligned with the radical islamists such as al qaeda. what we have is a large, substantial quiet silent majority of syrians who wants to live with freedom of prosperity and democracy. these are the people putting their lives on the line. they are begging us for their help. they would have no choice but to overthrow assad. this is the worst possible outcome, a limited strike is worse than nothing at all. we have st
to keep a safe. much? to make the area has been be >> tonight. john: "the police stat? america is not a police state the we're prettyfree.. for the most part but we didn't learn that they grabbed records of phone calls and the males and a and who we talked to the and when i am not that upset i figure might political enemies already spy on me but is duse's slippery slope leading to terrible things. but there was already things that my government does that upset me more. radley balko writes about them in his new book radl balko one dash "rise of the warrior cop." what do you mean? >> call on r&d and undressed and trade like soldiers and military tactics. john: and the equipmt tanks, helicopters, . >> guns, and for a long time they were reserved for each emergency situations like the escaped fugitive for the active and schuster or hostage-taking situation. john: you want to go there with power. >> lives are at stake at a think anybody is opposed to using a s.w.a.t. team but they're overwhelmily use today in a way that creates violence with confrontation were there wasn't before. w
they wanted to focus on america. they had a ton of journalists we all kw. it's sort of begs the question also why are they doing this? pitching to muslim audience in america or are they just trying to be another news channel like the other ones that are out there? >> you can look at it a lot of different ways. they could be looking at building a message that begins to mainstream the muslim experience in the united states. no different than shows have been doing with other audiences where you begin to mainstream and minority audience and people get more and more used to hearing their side of the story. they could also looking to build an ideological platform or looking to build a long term business platform. you mentioned the american newscasters are going there. they are paid to go there. however, the ad sales guys, the commission-based people will not move unless they know they can make money there. if you don't have people on the streets with the ability to sell the ads, you will not have advertisers bundle. it is a bottom-line issue. melissa: gentleman, very much thanks for your insight. c
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clemens on the hall of fame? clearll america and sportswriters don't agree. melissa: we're talking about banning a-rod for life but the team he played for benefited from it. as a result he has hit more home runs. it brings people in the stadium. it makes the game more exciting yet he is one that pays the price? >> a-rod, he fills that. >> they were selling out before a-rod, are you kidding me? a-rod has done nothing for the yankees. he helped them one world championship? >> a-rod has done nothing for the yankees? that is your point of view? >> they would have done with a solid third baseman. the carnival atmosphere he brought to the yankees they would be butter off without them. >> i have to agree with you on that. baseball games are won on consistency and doubles. get me a team that consistently hits doubles that is winning team. these long-ball hitters are not really doing anything for their team. melissa: if he is punished at this point what do you think is the impact on the game going forward? danny what do you think. >> to be honest with you, unless you're talking about hypothetical
'm a big win believer in america. if you travel to the heartland of america away from the coasts you see real strength in housing and energy worlds. so i would focus on domestic stocks. i wouldn't get involved in emerging markets for six months to a year. and i'm pretty excited about some areas of energy and in housing. melissa: harry, are you with us? can you hear us. >> keeps cutting out on audio. melissa: let's give it a shot before it gets worse. what do you think about all that? i mean would you get involved in stocks right now? i worry that stocks have all this false promise built into them. and they're going to decline for me but i'm trying to be optimistic, so what would you do? nope. harry can't hear us. >> can you hear me? melissa: go ahead. give it a shot. >> okay. i keep cutting out here. yeah, i think that we've just got another bubble building. every time we have a stimulus plan, like qe2, qe3, the economy grows for three or four or five quarters and it fizzles out again. we were near zero in the fourth quarter. so we're in one of those cycles. i don't think it is going to
in corporate america", mark the >> a good portion is absolute because of discrimination. john: why would the employer discriminate? >> some of them don't pay enough attention and so they don't realize that maybe frontline management is making decisions that are not in the best interest of women. some of them to think that they can get away with it. that goes back to the early 20th century when people pay women less because they were women a said so out loud. john: you ar saying that this is still going on today? >> i'm saying that we still live in this legacy. absolutely. otherwise school cafeteria workers and school custodians, why would those not be paid the same because they are the same skill level and entry-level type of job. and yes, they me more because they are predominantly male. in the cafeteria ladies are predominantly female and the job pays less. the same is true with parole officers and social workers. essentially the same kind of work, but parole officers make more money because they are predominantly male. john: here is a picture of this man who was a young hippie who joi
what it is coming to an america, the you really have to look for your own solution at this point because things are not getting better coming from washington? your thoughts? >> i think that's right. particularly if you get a recent college graduates. good degrees and would like to get good, well paying jobs and i just unable to, or people who were laid off and the great recession and its aftermath and are unable to get jobs that pay what they were making before th were laid off. as a result they the kind of people you would look to the start franchises to my take -- chart their own th. thproblem is there are so many disincentives built-in to our current economy. i think many of them coming from washington, it is not exactly a great time to be an entrepreneur he. melissa: it is tough, and a lot of people that follows on-line said you have to be careful not to have anybody work more than 29 hours or have more than 49 employees if you start your own franchise. but would you say take the bulls by the warren -- take the bull by the ones? >> if you are underemployed or working at starb
's role changed @nd federal reserve to step back and government needs to move forward to get america's economy going again and build our infrastructure and get millions of people back to work. there are things we can do, but we can't do it putting it back in the hands of the fed and think wall street will prrme the econom with more innovation. it is not happening. adam: senator brown, i imagine you would agree you can't rely on the federal reserve to save this economy but i would bet you disagree a little with congressman cues cues? >> if you listen to the congressman, i have a lot of respect for him. we have to have the federal government to do a, b, c. and hey, mr. president, tell the federal government to get out of individual businesses and do their jobs. they're overregulated. we have highest corporate tax rate in the world. you have obamacare, 18 new medical device taxes crushing businesses in massachusetts and throughout the count. there's a lot we can do, but first thing they need to is get out of the way so businesses and individuals can start to use the things they do best
has been be >> tonight. john: "the police state"? america is not a police state the we're pretty free. for the most part but we
and run on their own. >> so the department of, l.a. department of water and power manages america's largest rooftop solar program, but, they limit number of megawatts they will buy and reducing the price they pay each year. >> we buy all the power that's generatefrom these facilities. anytime you see the sun out, we are getting energy from these systems. >> so o points, melissa. number one, rooftop solar is no longer dismissed in favor of those large-scale plants out in the desert. nine of which have been canceled. second utilities say hey, listen if everyone abandons the gri who will be left to pay for it? that can't happen because right now as you know renewables can't stand alone. they need backup generatn. back to you. melissa: william, thank you so much for your report. for today's fuel gauge. first energy leases for outer continental shelf. nine miles off the coast of rhode island and massachusetts. the energy didn't says they could sustain enough lech to power more than a million homes. we'll see. >>> oilutures rallied nearly 2%, driven by better than expected u.s. economic
of america. we have a very healthy population. we have a good health care system, great doctors in this country. what we need to do is have good ol' competition, to keep prices and competition in line. people have to pay substanal amount for their own services otherwise they will misuse the resources. that is simple economics. that's aaw you can't break. lori: are you hopeful we'll learn this lesson on health care too late. >> no, we'll never learn it too late. we can always come back from it, lori. it will cause a lost damage in the interrim. that's too bad. this country will always come back and i'm sure we'll be a lot better off five years from now. lori: insurance companies and health care stocks have been performing well. is that a contrarian play? >> no, i don't think so. lori: in other wordsdo those investors realizehat obamacare is just not feasible? >> yeah. well i think what's happened with this, they're able to do billings to the federal vernment and reimbursement for these programs and they're able to do better as a result. they're getting far more of these procedure
in america who hasn't had one of these things yet. where did the idea come from. >> we have talented r&d team and they're scouring restaurants this marketplace. they came up with the idea. we're commercializing this in very popular way. we're very proud of the achievement we had. melissa: it was supposed to be limited time offer. now investors are afraid it will go away. it looks like it's a cash cow so to speak for you guys. go ahead. >> we may surprise people how long it is around. melissa: really? so it might be a permanent item? >> maybe not permanent but we're having great success with this. and we would like our consumers to continue experience the pretzel bun and pretzel bacon cheeseburger. we're definitely taking a longer term perspective on this. melissa: interesting. you could put the pretzel bun on other things? is that what i'm hearing you say? >> right now, melissa, you can do that and which do have a quite a few consumers coming in and asking to have the bun on, put on other products. and there's a slight up charge for that but it goes well with number of other items but we're f
if america pulled the plug on the money we're giving in aid? i want to bring in a middle east expert and a former state department official. he wrote upcoming book, smart power and diplomacy of war. what is the latest in egypt right now? >> it's a basically a bloodbath. it is chaotic and violence that is what interim government was expecting. that's why they had hesitation that the pro-morsi supporters have been many canning out at for over a month now. they won't go down without a fight. they're not going down easily and we don't know when the end of this will be. lori: christian, do you agree, just turned if you will a vicious cycle in egypt? >> well, yeah. i think it's a important to realize who the culprit is here which of course is the muslim brotherhood. it is not egyptian army. i think the obama administration made a terrible mistake, another litany of mistakes since arab spring began in signaling some distance between washington and the egyptian military. you know, that military i think one flywheel, supported incidentally by the egyptian people that is preventing islamism ta
Search Results 0 to 33 of about 34 (some duplicates have been removed)